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Sweet Addiction

Dear lover,

There is no time to enjoy ourselves like before, 

Because you are rushing to get out the door. 

You grab me roughly with your strong hands, 

Mumbling curses again and again. 

You don’t take the time to taste me as before,

When you pull me towards your mouth, 

Your teeth are pulling on my lips so hard, 

It makes me want to scream and shout. 

You quickly devour me with your nips, tugs, and bites;

I enjoy it so much I don’t put up an ounce of fight.  

Only too soon it is all over,

You sigh in contentment as my lover,

My sweet taste lingers on your lips and tongue,

It’s amazing I even lasted that long.

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An Ode to Drunk Party Goers...

Dear Roommate,

You decided it was "Okay" to vomit in my domain, this poem is for you.

Every morning when you wake me up at the butt crack of dawn,
I can't help but want to rollover and yawn. 
Another day of dealing with your shit,
and your foul breath...

Why do you piss on my feelings you asinine prick!

Sorry.  I digress.

I’ve seen the most repugnant sides of you,
It’s only rarely that I see your face,
Except when you fall down,
Dizzy from standing in one place. 

I flush away the memories of your wild nights,
And hope to God I can avoid ever seeing, again, the sight,
Of you hunched over complaining from a hangover,
When all I want to do is sleep, relax,
and hope you don’t throw up any further. 

Why is it always my room that you have to defile you vomits swine!
Why can't I have anything that is not touched, thrown up on, and just mine?

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Friend's Only

Credit to hagemashi 

This will be my random blogging journal for writing short stories, randomness, and other creative things. My blogger site is public, but this however is a friends ONLY journal.

If you want to friend me, please do! Just drop me a comment here.

Disclaimer:  This journal has cursing, fangirl freakouts, and is very messy sometimes.  If I step on some virtual toes along the way, sorry, but get over it.  This is my messy corner of the net to perch in, just like you have yours.

Promise I'm much nicer then I seem to sound in the above disclaimer.  ^^

~ Kelsa ~

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